Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Organizing The House!

Okay, so I'm blaming this sudden obsessive need to get organized on a few people! Come on, you know that my moods are never my fault. Right? :) I'm blaming Michelle for making her place look so cute, my brother Kent who is planning to come out and visit us sometime in the next couple of months (he's bringing his pretty serious girlfriend out to meet us), and the new matienece guy for finally getting the leak in our kitchen sink fixed after a month (I can now start putting things away).

Anyway, I made up a schedule of when I want each room/space completely clean, deep cleaned and organized. It's a bit lofty of a goal--but I need to be prepared for whenever Kent and Angela are coming out, the soonest would be the end of May and the latest would be the end of July! Thanks a lot little brother for causing me all this extra stress! :)

Schedule of events in the cleaning marathon:
Living Room completed by April 23
Kitchen completed April 30
The Girls Bedroom completed May 7
Mine and Erik's Bedroom completed May 14
Both Bathrooms completed May 16
Home school Stuff completed May 20
Craft supplies completed May 22
Don't forget that I am also trying to lose about 70 pounds or so, home school the girls, and everything else that goes into running a house! Maybe I'm crazy, okay, no maybe about it. But I will succeed! It's just like anything else, 80% mental and 20% physical. Right? I think I can. I think I can. . . .
I am also weighing my options between having a web store on EBay or on Etsy. It is basically boiling down to the fact that an EBay store can have anything in it but it costs more money, while an Etsy store only allows handmade products but it costs less. I still have a few months to figure it all out. I want to have my web store up an running by July 2. Hence another reason for my crazy schedule, I need my house clean and organized so that I can spend time crafting projects that I can then sell. Make sure to check back for the grand opening update when that happens, in July!
Now it all has to happen because I have let the world know. I am conceited to think that the whole world reads and cares about my little blog but, I have to think that way because then I can't fail in front of everyone!


Monty&Kristin said...

Good luck with the spring cleaning! Yeah, Michelle has me feeling like I need to get my rear in gear too and make my house cute! Good luck! I have no doubt you'll accomplish it all...just don't forget to enjoy it along the way! Look forward to the pics as you complete each room!:)

Michelle said...

Go Marci!! Okay I will take some of the blamre I guess, but I blame Lettie for my cleaning spree and the Fact that my best friens and her family are coming to visit the beginning of May. I have to adkit that it does feel great to have a clean home though. :) I like how you set goal, it will haelp keep it on track and they seem reasonable. Oh and I'm with you on the losing weight thing, I hate it, but I love you and look forward to some pics soon !!

Michelle said...

Wow, I really should have checked my spelling in that last post. I guess that happens at the end of a crazy day!! :)