Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vacation--Part 1 To Grandmother's House We Go

After organizing and going through all the pictures we took on our trip and going over everything that we had done that short week I decided to break our trip into parts. Making it more reader (and lets be honest Writer) friendly!

We left early Wednesday morning and drove forever. Okay, it only took about 8 hours or so, but it sure felt like forever.

We arrived at Grandmother's Wednesday afternoon and spent that evening chatting and catching up as well as spending the night before our early leave Thursday morning.

The girls loved sleeping upstairs in the twin beds. They did have to switch beds the next time we slept there to make it fair. Gotta love those girls--they even switch bunk beds each night to make it fair!

We went out to dinner with Grandmother and the girls got to ride with Grandmother, the same car and same way Erik did when he was younger.

I have definitely been in the big city for way to long. I forgot that you can travel down a rode at less than 50 MPH! Life in Filmore is definitely much more laid back and slower!

Here are some pictures of our time with Grandmother!

Family! Isn't it great we can be together forever?

Erik and Grandmother catching up on life!

Out to eat

Austin waiting, uh patiently?

Mia and Emma hamming it up at the restaurant

Arriving at the restaurant in style!