Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Erik!!!!

Erik celebrated his birthday on July 9th.  As is tradition in our family he got to choose, the meal and cake and something special to do on his day.

He chose to do an informal 5K fun run and we invited the whole Peterson side of the family.  Even the kids participated in this.  I think everyone had a good time.

Afterwards we went to Erik's parents for birthday breakfast of a crepe bar.  (I think next year it will be easier on me to have it our house instead of carting all the food over to their house.)

And then for birthday cake we had dessert crepes!

Erik loves crepes and unfortunately he hardly ever gets them, so I try to make him crepes around his birthday each year.  But this was the first year that we did it as a crepe bar and it went much easier.  Usually I try to make up a few different complex gourmet crepe recipes.  This year it was just everyday food.  Maybe he will actually get crepes more often after this.

We love you Erik!!!

Things I love about Erik:
1.  He is the best dad and husband, and is always trying to become better.
2.  He has worked at the same job that he doesn't like for the last 10 1/2 years to provide for the girls and I, giving up a lot of things that he wants like school and immersing himself in following his dreams.
3.  His sense of humor and general craziness
4.  His love of knowledge and learning
5.  His ability to set goals and keep at them until they are reached.
6.  His writing and imagination
7.  How he honors the priesthood he holds
8.  He always supports me and all my crazy ideas
9.  How he gets so passionate about things
10. We are out of debt, except the house, because of him and the goals he set and going without things he wanted so we can be more financially secure
11. He got us a house of our own, even though he is scared out of his mind about being a homeowner and all the responsibilities that go with that
12. He gets me to open up about things instead of holding them in like I usually do
13. He knows the REAL me and still loves me
14. He is sensitive, loving, and kind
15. He is my best friend and I am so glad that we will be together forever
He's Superman!!!

What Mia loves about Erik:
1.  He's kind
2.  He's loving
3.  He's fun to play with

What Emma loves about Erik:
1.  He's funny
2.  He's nice
3.  He's fun to play with