Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Drama Showcase Performances

The girls have been taking a beginning drama class.  They loved it!  They want to sign up for more next school year! 

In drama they learned all the theater lingo, like stage right, downstage, etc.  They also learned how they needed to use their whole body to convey what their character is thinking and feeling.  They learned how to project their voice, memorize lines, and how to audition.  They also learned that everyone has butterflies and how to overcome them, Emma was especially pleased to hear that everyone gets butterflies!

All the kids taking the class were paired up and given a scene to work on for 5 weeks.  They then performed their scenes at their final showcase.  They both did a great job.  I forgot to take a camera so I taped it on my camera phone, so the bad lighting and sound is because of the camera not the performers.

The following is Emma's scene from the the play The Boy Who Talked To Whales.  Her scene partner was not able to make it, so one of the teacher's filled in her part.

The next one is Mia's scene from the play, The Portrait The Wind The Chair.

Both girls did an outstanding job!  We have some actresses in the family!