Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Birthday Bash With The Family!

The girls' birthdays are only 3 weeks apart and I am right smack dab in the middle.  So, to make it easier on everyone, okay so I don't know exactly how easy it is on everyone else but it sure is easier on me, we have the family birthday bash on the same day.  And then they get to have their party with their friends.

This year, my mom, my dad, Wesley, Jordan, and Austin were able to be here for the party again.  Others who came were, Erik's parents, Michelle and Dustin and their kiddos, Ryan (Lizeth and Leilani had something else at her parents), and Nikki (Andy had class that night).  Also our dear friends, who might as well be family, Shonna and her kids made it over as well (Andy had a bunch of work to do). 

All in all it was a fun evening, I think.  Okay, so the girls and I had fun.  I hope everyone else did as well!

I made this really cool sunflower cake with Hershey Kisses, yummy!  Chocolate!

Thanks everyone who was able to make it and spend some special time with us.  And those of you who couldn't, wish you were here!  Love ya!

The sunflower cake. Can you say awesome?  and easy?  The petals are twinkies!

And of course you have to have a cake that says their names!  This was thrown together last minute, not my finest.

Family and friends!

Blowing out the candles!  They should get their wishes!

Love having everyone over!

Opening of presents, the girls' favorite part.  Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mia Got Her Ears Pierced!

We, well mostly Erik but I went along with it, decided that the girls could decide for themselves when they turned eight whether they wanted their ears pierced or not.  We figure if they are accountable in God's eyes, we might as well have them start making some choices. 

Mia went back and forth between wanting them pierced and not wanting them pierced.  She finally decided for sure that she wanted them done, and then we had to figure out a time to do it.  I could have just taken her one day to get them done but Erik really wanted to be there for it, so we had to coordinate with his crazy schedule.  And then remember to do it some evening when Erik got home from work.

Anyway end of August we finally had the time and memory to do it. 

We got there and there was some teenage girl having the cartilage pierced and freaking out so Mia who was already apprehensive about lost it.  We told her she didn't have to get it done but she really wanted to.  I told her that getting the earlobe pierced was totally different from having the cartilage done.  (I had my ears pierced when I was about 8. I finally got the cartilage pierced when I was at BYU, I always wanted that.  I really wanted a couple more holes as well.   And then the prophet came out with one hole per ear thing so bye bye all other holes and I took out the other.)

Mia was strong though.  She gripped my hand for dear life and with tears welling up she tells the guy to do it.  After he did the first one she asked, "Was that it?  Are we done?"  Love you Mia!

She can take them out October 18th, and have the fun earrings!!!  She is so excited! 

Emma said she didn't want her ears pierced but now that she really looked at all the fun earrings she wants hers done as well.  But she promised her friend that she would wait and go with her after her 8th birthday the end of November. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Emma's Birthday and Baptism

Once again I am playing catch up.  Emma had her 8th birthday on August 26 and we had her baptism on her birthday! 

When she woke up she got to open her presents, she got a lot of Littlest Pet Shop stuff, her book was even a Littlest Pet Shop book. 

My parents and two youngest brothers, Wesley and Jordan, were in town visiting from PA for her baptism.  Ian, Angela, Adelia and baby Joseph were also able to make it up from San Diego where Ian is doing his internship at the Naval Medical Hospital in Balboa Park.

For their birthdays they get to pick what their "special" birthday dinner would be.  Emma chose homemade pizzas! 

Things were crazy that day running from one thing to another trying to get everything done.  We were not able to have her birthday cake before we had to leave for her baptism so we had it when we got home.

There were about 71 people there at her baptism!  Wow!  Thank you everyone who was able to make it.  You helped make Emma's special day even more special.

After the baptism we all traipsed back home for cake and ice cream.  Emma chose those Cheesecakes from a box, the Jello brand.  We love those things at our house! 

We also brought home with us friends Rachel, Crystal and Winter as their mom had to leave the baptism early.  Mom, Wendy and brother Darian got there shortly after we did so they all joined us for cake and ice cream.

It was a late night getting to bed.

Emma and Erik in their white jumpsuits ready for the baptism.

Emma and Mia making memories.

We are so proud of our accountable girls! ;)

Time for cake!  Happy Birthday Emma!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Erik!!!!

Erik celebrated his birthday on July 9th.  As is tradition in our family he got to choose, the meal and cake and something special to do on his day.

He chose to do an informal 5K fun run and we invited the whole Peterson side of the family.  Even the kids participated in this.  I think everyone had a good time.

Afterwards we went to Erik's parents for birthday breakfast of a crepe bar.  (I think next year it will be easier on me to have it our house instead of carting all the food over to their house.)

And then for birthday cake we had dessert crepes!

Erik loves crepes and unfortunately he hardly ever gets them, so I try to make him crepes around his birthday each year.  But this was the first year that we did it as a crepe bar and it went much easier.  Usually I try to make up a few different complex gourmet crepe recipes.  This year it was just everyday food.  Maybe he will actually get crepes more often after this.

We love you Erik!!!

Things I love about Erik:
1.  He is the best dad and husband, and is always trying to become better.
2.  He has worked at the same job that he doesn't like for the last 10 1/2 years to provide for the girls and I, giving up a lot of things that he wants like school and immersing himself in following his dreams.
3.  His sense of humor and general craziness
4.  His love of knowledge and learning
5.  His ability to set goals and keep at them until they are reached.
6.  His writing and imagination
7.  How he honors the priesthood he holds
8.  He always supports me and all my crazy ideas
9.  How he gets so passionate about things
10. We are out of debt, except the house, because of him and the goals he set and going without things he wanted so we can be more financially secure
11. He got us a house of our own, even though he is scared out of his mind about being a homeowner and all the responsibilities that go with that
12. He gets me to open up about things instead of holding them in like I usually do
13. He knows the REAL me and still loves me
14. He is sensitive, loving, and kind
15. He is my best friend and I am so glad that we will be together forever
He's Superman!!!

What Mia loves about Erik:
1.  He's kind
2.  He's loving
3.  He's fun to play with

What Emma loves about Erik:
1.  He's funny
2.  He's nice
3.  He's fun to play with

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fourth Of July Weekend In La Selva Beach

We went up to visit Erik's Grandma Carole's home in La Selva Beach for the fourth of July weekend. Erik's parents went as well. we all had a great time and a lot of activities packed into such a short amount of time.

Erik, the girls and I slept in a tent in the backyard. The girls had a blast, this was their first time camping. And I was close enough to all the modern conveniences so it worked out well!

Setting up the tent

"Sleeping" in the tent

We drove up to La Selva on Friday, we arrived in that evening and had enough time to put up the tent, eat dinner, visit a little bit with Grandma Carole, Erik's Uncle Ted and Ferd.  Then it was time to go to bed. Why does traveling make you so tired even though you are sitting the whole time?
We love La Selva! The weather is great, there is none of that death heat that we get down here in So Cal. You get that small town lifestyle, where everyone knows everyone. La Selva also has a private beach for the residents and their visitors. No fighting for an inch of beach space!
Saturday morning we got up early and tried to help Grandma Carole get ready for the next day's celebrations.

The girls Erik and I went on a walk to the cliffs overlooking the beach. On our way we saw Erik's Aunt Diane in her front yard and stopped to talk with her for a few minutes before we continued on our walk. 

We chose to take the scenic route to the cliffs.  We felt like we were the only ones there in the "forest." 

Love the greeness of it all!

On our way to the beach we stopped tat the park and the girls had a blast playing on the equipment.  After leaving there we ran into Mom and Grandma Carole who gave each of the girls a popsicle.

We also stopped into the small corner store that Erik's Uncle Mike and Aunt Diane own there in La Selva.

It was a foggy day and the beach was covered in fog even in the afternoon.  Of course I had to get a picture of it.

We then walked back home to Grandma Carole's.  And let me tell you, walking down the hill to get to the center of town is a piece of cake but walking up that last hill is another story!  But we did it, a few different times that weekend.

We had lunch and then Aunt Diane came up to visit and Uncle Mike soon followed.  Dinner plans were made and everyone went their separate ways promising to meet back up in a few hours. 

Erik, Mom, Dad, Mia, Emma and I found ourselves at the beach.  Where only the girls and I were brave enough to get in the water.  Or maybe the word I'm looking for is crazy.  The water was frigid!

Yep, that's us!

We then went back to Grandma Carole's to have dinner.  Mike, Diane , and Ted soon joined us.  We ate pizza, made s'mores, and just sat around the fire telling stories.  That is the most time that I have spent with Mike and Diane.  Thanks for the fun evening of stories, it was great to get to know you guys better.  The girls had a ball making s'mores with you as well and are still talking about it!

S'mores, yummy!

Bedtime then followed after Erik read a chapter of their book around the campfire.  Everyone fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows!

Sunday saw us rising early to begin the Independence Day Celebrations!

Erik, Mia, Emma, and I left first so we could catch the end of the pet show.  Mom and Dad soon joined us and the girls got their face painted and played on the bounce house.

We then headed over to get seats for the parade.  We saw Erik's cousin Tana and her boys in the parade but wouldn't get a chance to talk to them for at least a few more hours.

Waiting for the parade with Mammy and Grandpa

Tana, Woody, and Prescott

We then went and got lunch which was hot dogs, chips, soda, and a cookie!  I had the best chocolate brownie cookie.  Yummy!

Then the games began.  They divide the games according to age groups and the girls fell into different age groups this year.  Mia participated in the carrying a peanut in a spoon to your partner and then switching to your partner's spoon, without using your hands.  (Because we didn't know anyone there she was paired up with this sweet girl)  She also participated in the bubble gum blowing contest.

Emma participated in the run with a balloon between your legs race and the 3-legged race.  She was paired up with a sweet little boy.

Emma and her partner won second place in the 3-legged race!  Yay Emma!!!!  Their secret, as told by Emma is, "You have to go medium.  If you go fast you fall and if you go slow you don't make it in time.  Medium is the way to go."

Mia won third place in bubble gum blowing contest!  Yay Mia!!!!  As she was accepting her ribbon she blew the biggest bubble in front of everyone!

We then met up with Tana, Bob, their kids, and friends at the sand castle building contest.  Bob's team won first place in the sand building contest!  Yay Bob!!!!  Is anyone else seeing a pattern of winners here?

The girls and I made a quick stop at the store to get an ice cream treat because I was feeling really light headed.  Aunt Diane wouldn't let us pay for our ice creams and the girls were shoving their ice cream at the boy behind the counter because he wasn't ringing it up.  And looked at me like I had lost my mind when I told them to go ahead and open it up and that we were leaving.  It took some convincing before they realized that it was legal!  Thanks Diane for the treats!!!!

We went back up to participate in the games that Uncle Mike heads up.  The watermelon eating contest and egg toss!  Erik walked back to Grandma Carole's to get the car because I was worn out and drove it back down to pick us up.

The girls had a ton of fun climbing all the trees around La Selva.

We got back to Grandma Carole's in time to join the block party potluck dinner.  Where there was a live band, a bounce house, food, and friends!  Ted, Tana, Bob, their boys and kids soon joined us.

We all went back to Grandma Carole's where we met Mike and Diane.  We had some fun with some fireworks and sparklers. 

And then the craziness began.  Grandma Carole's neighbors all gathered out on the street with tons and tons of fireworks.  And then they started setting them off.  There were so many that the girls got bored after a while and asked to go back before they were done!

There was lots more visiting before another late bedtime.  This night I think the girls were asleep before their heads hit the pillows!

Monday saw us waking early and packing up to head back home.  Back to reality and the heat.  Thank you to everyone we had a great time!!!  We love you and can't wait till we see you next time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playing Catch Up--Austin's Birthday

Many of you know that my high functioning autistic brother, Austin, is living with us while he does a service mission for our church.  We are LDS and boys are requested to serve a two year proselyting or teaching mission.  His autism makes it all but impossible for him to serve that kind of mission.  But he has always wanted to serve a mission.  So, we volunteered for him to stay with us while he fulfilled a service mission.

While he was out here he turned 20!!!!  So, we had to throw him a birthday party.  Crowds of people that you don't know would make anyone feel unsociable and totally out of their element but this even more magnified when you're autistic.  So we had Erik's family and a family that are close friends of ours.  These were people that Austin already knew and was semi-comfortable around.

Anyone that knows Austin knows that he loves video games, TV, Computer games, food, Pokemon, and of course Star Wars.  So, when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted I wasn't completely surprised when he chose Star Wars.  He didn't care what it looked like, just as long as it was Star Wars.  So, I got to use my creative side to come up with a cake for him.  Most everyone liked it and got the idea, the only one who didn't was my brother Logan, and he doesn't count.  (Logan wouldn't have liked it if it would have won a Cake Challenge on Food Network.  At first I was upset about what he said but then both Erik and my mom pointed out that nothing would have been good enough.  Enough about him)

We want to say a special thank you to everyone who came and showed love and support for Austin.  He had a great time, and is already planning next years!

Austin with his cake!  Notice how nice of a sister I am to group the candles so close together for him to blow out.  Despite my best efforts he blew them all out in one breath way too easily!

Austin opening his presents.  He got a couple Gamestop gift cards, a Subway gift card, some clothes, books, video game, and clothes.  Yeah, we all know Austin.  Thanks everyone for the gifts!

Star Wars--need I say more!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Give Away On Our Homeschool Blog

So, the girls and I made some homemade soap the other day for school. (I posted about on our homeschool blog)

Head on over there and enter for a chance to win one of our creations!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

We want to let all of our family and friends know how much we love them and appreciate everything that you do for us! All the moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, cousins and friends, we couldn't do what we do without your love and support. (As well as all the dads, grandpas, uncles--we can't forget you guys. Without you we wouldn't be moms!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vacation--Part 3, The End

I know that the last part of our vacation pictures and fun has been a long time coming. (We just moved into our first home!)

The reason why we chose to go to Utah when we did was because there was a Science Fiction/Fantasy Symposium going on at BYU, in Provo, UT. I call it the nerd convention! But while I was there rubbing elbows with famous and not so famous nerds I realized that I am a nerd too! But don't tell anyone, it's our little secret!

The girls and I went to a bunch of different lectures and panels, Erik and Austin attended a bunch more than we did. We attended a class about making jewelry, Science Fiction and Fantasy books for kids and how to incorporate them in the classroom, supporting your creative partner, and a few others. Erik and Austin attended classes on writing believable characters, intriguing plots, and other such writing classes, since that is what Erik wants to do when he grows up. Austin also attended a class about video games, since that is what he would like to do when he grows up.

The girls and I also got the job/privilege of standing in lines to get books signed while the others attended classes. We got a bunch of cool books, I know just what we need more books--just be glad you didn't have to move them all and try to find a place for them all to go.

We got to talk with a bunch of really neat people like, Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Jake Black, Howard Taylor, John D. Brown, some of their wives as well as many others. And while they won't remember me from the next crazy person, they will be remembered by us! Jake Black in particular gave way more time than he needed to to answer Erik's questions and concerns about writing and supporting a family on a writer's pay.

One day Erik will be there as a guest speaker/panelist and I will still be the crazy wife but this time I'll be the crazy wife of the famous author!

After our days in Utah we then drove straight through to San Diego so Erik could attend a work meeting there the next day. While he was hard at work Austin, the girls, and I went and played at Balboa Park.

Austin, Mia, and Emma at Temple Square in front of the Salt Lake Temple. Families Are Forever!

Emma and Mia at the Paleontology Museum on the BYU campus in Provo, UT.

On the BYU Campus

Petting the snake at a live animal show at the Bean Museum at BYU

Butterfly Mural made with butterflies at the Bean Museum at BYU

Stuffed African Animal display at the Bean Museum

Mia and Emma by Shasta a female liger. Shasta was born and lived her life at the Hogle Zoo in Utah. A liger is a cross breed between a male lion and a female tiger. A tigon would be a male tiger and a female lion

Austin, Emma, and Mia at Balboa Park in San Diego, CA

Emma and Mia at the Natural History Museum in San Diego, CA

Mia and Emma at the playground in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Emma, Mia, and Austin at the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego, CA

Mia and Emma in the Botanical Garden in San Diego.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vacation--Part 3 Rubbing Elbows With Great People!

We saw a lot of great people on our trip and except for Grandmother I did not remember to take any pictures! I am so mad at myself, okay I was mad at myself but now I am just laughing at me because that is so like me!

But I wanted to make a quick mention of them and the fun times we had together. It was a super fast trip and we did not have time to see everyone we wanted to. We are sorry if we missed you this time, hopefully we will catch you next time!

The girls and I went and visited with Jennifer Lomenick and her kids, Mark did make a quick appearance at the end of our visit! It was great to see them again and I realized just how long it has been since they moved. The kids have gotten so big and they all had a great time playing together. Of course Jeremy wasn't thrilled when the girls where playing dress up and singing and dancing but he did get them to put away the froofroo stuff and play baseball. We had a great dinner with them, and Jennifer I need to get that recipe from you. Thanks for a fun afternoon and evening!

We also got to visit with one of Erik's old missionary companions and old roommates at BYU, Will and his wife, Are. He's one of Erik's closest friends from that time, and we try to visit them whenever we make it to Utah, which has not been very often. Erik likes to credit Will for getting us together. I went and proposed to Will on a dare while playing truth and dare. He turned me down, and Erik stepped in! The girls love to hear that story and on the way to Will and Are's Emma told Erik "Daddy make sure you make a joke about mommy proposing to Will." Which of course he did! We didn't get to see their sweet adopted baby girl, as it was late and she was already in bed, but we did to see pictures. Next visit we'll have to go earlier.

The girls and I also met up with some friends of mine that I knew way back when my family and I lived in West Jordan while my dad was going to BYU. Way back in Middle School. Marnee brought her two girls and Elan brought her two boys and we all met at a McDonalds so the kids could play at the play place while us adults caught up on each other lives. It was a really cool play place and I had to try it out as well! I was the only adult, not sure why, but all the kids thought it was a great and I had to go down the slide a zillion times with all the different kids.

We also met up with Erik's cousin, Jared and his wife, Caitlin. I had never met either one. I know, 10 years in the family and I finally meet the last cousin! We took them out to a BBQ place, if anyone knows us we love a great BBQ. And me wanting to make a great impression ordered ribs, yeah not the smartest move I ever made. But I guess they might as well get to know the real me! We had a great evening with them! Thanks for a fun evening!

The last people we visited was a family that I use to babysit for way back in the day when they were living in Grove City, the Whites. They are a great fun loving family and the little guys I use to babysit are now grown up! Boy do I feel old. But not to let my age drag me down, I had a good game of ball/tag with the two youngest boys and my girls! We had a great dinner with them and spent a lovely time catching up with everyone.

Thanks everyone for giving us a lot of great memories of friends and family, even if we have no pictures!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vacation--Part 2 Snow Day

All the girls wanted to do in Utah was play in the snow! We thought that there would be plenty of snow for us to play in. According to the weather channel we were suppose to be driving through a storm.

When there was no storm while we were driving we were Erik and I were very thankful. But we kept assuring the girls they would get to play in snow.

Thank goodness that Grandmother's house had a patch of snow behind it. Okay. it was more like a crusty ice patch, but to a couple of Cali girls it was snow! There was no other snow our whole trip, sure we saw a couple of small patches of dirty snow along side the road but there was no nice snow to play in.

But the girls took full advantage of the ice, I mean snow, and spent a few hours playing!

Attacking Austin
Snowball fight with Daddy

Get him!

That's my girl!

Did he actually think that he would get away with using his phone when he was suppose to be playing with the girls? Crazy daddy!

Snow cone anyone?

Mia's snow angel!

Emma's snow angel!