Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vacation--Part 3 Rubbing Elbows With Great People!

We saw a lot of great people on our trip and except for Grandmother I did not remember to take any pictures! I am so mad at myself, okay I was mad at myself but now I am just laughing at me because that is so like me!

But I wanted to make a quick mention of them and the fun times we had together. It was a super fast trip and we did not have time to see everyone we wanted to. We are sorry if we missed you this time, hopefully we will catch you next time!

The girls and I went and visited with Jennifer Lomenick and her kids, Mark did make a quick appearance at the end of our visit! It was great to see them again and I realized just how long it has been since they moved. The kids have gotten so big and they all had a great time playing together. Of course Jeremy wasn't thrilled when the girls where playing dress up and singing and dancing but he did get them to put away the froofroo stuff and play baseball. We had a great dinner with them, and Jennifer I need to get that recipe from you. Thanks for a fun afternoon and evening!

We also got to visit with one of Erik's old missionary companions and old roommates at BYU, Will and his wife, Are. He's one of Erik's closest friends from that time, and we try to visit them whenever we make it to Utah, which has not been very often. Erik likes to credit Will for getting us together. I went and proposed to Will on a dare while playing truth and dare. He turned me down, and Erik stepped in! The girls love to hear that story and on the way to Will and Are's Emma told Erik "Daddy make sure you make a joke about mommy proposing to Will." Which of course he did! We didn't get to see their sweet adopted baby girl, as it was late and she was already in bed, but we did to see pictures. Next visit we'll have to go earlier.

The girls and I also met up with some friends of mine that I knew way back when my family and I lived in West Jordan while my dad was going to BYU. Way back in Middle School. Marnee brought her two girls and Elan brought her two boys and we all met at a McDonalds so the kids could play at the play place while us adults caught up on each other lives. It was a really cool play place and I had to try it out as well! I was the only adult, not sure why, but all the kids thought it was a great and I had to go down the slide a zillion times with all the different kids.

We also met up with Erik's cousin, Jared and his wife, Caitlin. I had never met either one. I know, 10 years in the family and I finally meet the last cousin! We took them out to a BBQ place, if anyone knows us we love a great BBQ. And me wanting to make a great impression ordered ribs, yeah not the smartest move I ever made. But I guess they might as well get to know the real me! We had a great evening with them! Thanks for a fun evening!

The last people we visited was a family that I use to babysit for way back in the day when they were living in Grove City, the Whites. They are a great fun loving family and the little guys I use to babysit are now grown up! Boy do I feel old. But not to let my age drag me down, I had a good game of ball/tag with the two youngest boys and my girls! We had a great dinner with them and spent a lovely time catching up with everyone.

Thanks everyone for giving us a lot of great memories of friends and family, even if we have no pictures!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vacation--Part 2 Snow Day

All the girls wanted to do in Utah was play in the snow! We thought that there would be plenty of snow for us to play in. According to the weather channel we were suppose to be driving through a storm.

When there was no storm while we were driving we were Erik and I were very thankful. But we kept assuring the girls they would get to play in snow.

Thank goodness that Grandmother's house had a patch of snow behind it. Okay. it was more like a crusty ice patch, but to a couple of Cali girls it was snow! There was no other snow our whole trip, sure we saw a couple of small patches of dirty snow along side the road but there was no nice snow to play in.

But the girls took full advantage of the ice, I mean snow, and spent a few hours playing!

Attacking Austin
Snowball fight with Daddy

Get him!

That's my girl!

Did he actually think that he would get away with using his phone when he was suppose to be playing with the girls? Crazy daddy!

Snow cone anyone?

Mia's snow angel!

Emma's snow angel!