Saturday, November 22, 2008

Girls Ballet/Tap Class!

The girls have a Ballet/Tap class every Friday in Rancho Cucamonga. It counts towards their PE curriculum for home school, and the Charter school pays for it! They go to Valverde School of Performing Arts for both dance classes. We love Valverde! The teachers are great, the staff super kind, and the girls learn a ton!

Valverde is across the street from the Victoria Gardens, so if anyone in the area is interested go check them out. They give you 1 FREE lesson so your child can try it out and see if it's a good fit or not. They also use that FREE lesson to make sure that class is not too hard or easy for your child. Did I mention that we love them?

Unfortunately their Holiday recital is on a Sunday this year so we will be unable to attend. Both girls were great about it though. When I told them that it was on Sunday they both looked at me and said, "Oh, so we won't be able to go because that's not a Sunday activity."

Don't you love it when something that you've taught them comes out? I always get so excited and think "Wow! You really were listening!" Don't ask me why I still get so excited. It must be a mom thing!

The girls doing tap with their Ballet/Tap teacher, Miss Yesenia. Her and her husband own Valverde.

Here they are in class practicing their piece for the Holiday recital.

And practicing some more! I got to go in and watch the whole piece they are going to be doing fro the recital! Lucky me! I love it!

At the barre doing their ballet warm-ups.

More warming-up. . .

And more!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feeding The Ducks

The girls have their art class every Thursday in Riverside. We leave at 3:00pm and get there at about 3:20, we left one day at 3:15 and were almost late. Their class doesn't start until 4:00. Gotta love California traffic.

So we have been coming up with fun things to do right around the Riverside Art Museum to kill some time. Thank goodness Erik has two offices within 15 minutes of the museum so he is pretty familiar with the area.

Today we went to Fairmont Park to feed the ducks, one of our favorite past times, though we haven't been there in while.

I let the girls pick what spot on the lake they wanted to stop at to feed the ducks. We got out of the car, walked over to the lake and look down. I only see a couple of ducks but I think it's okay we can use half the bread and bring the other half back next week.

No sooner do the girls throw in the first piece of bread then ducks start swarming from all over.
When the girls go back to the bench to get another piece of bread the ducks follow them up out of the lake. The girls climbed on the bench and fed the ducks there. The ducks were so close. And I was in the middle of the ducks trying to snap some pictures without stepping on ducks.

When the bread was all gone, the ducks did not want to leave. So, the girls started yelling "Shoo, the bread is all gone." "Go away , ducks." "We don't have anymore." Not that the ducks were really phased at all!

It was so funny, I was laughing so hard!
Feeding the ducks!
The "stampede" of ducks, that's what the girls called it!

Up close feeding time

If they get any closer they will be on the bench with the girls


Yes, I know I am late sharing our Halloween pictures. But, better late than never!
Anyway, here are some pictures of the fun at Mammy and Grandpa's Ward Halloween Party!

Mia having to eat whipped cream, a marshmallow, and chocolate sauce off of a plate without using her hands. Go, Mia!
Emma bobbing for apples. This is Emma's favorite game, she will get out a bucket and fill it with water and apples at home to practice!

Erik and the girls in their Halloween costumes. Mia is Silver Mist from the new Tinkerbell movie, Emma is Snow White, and Erik is Jack Bauer from the TV show from 24.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Art On Exhibit

The girls are so super-dee-duper excited about this! They have a picture from their art class hanging up in the museum.

Granted the pictures are hanging up outside their art classroom, but it still inside the museum and anyone who goes in can see the pictures!

They were talking about symmetrical and asymmetrical paintings. They had to paint either a symmetrical or asymmetrical face!

They are pointing to their painting!