Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Birthday Bash With The Family!

The girls' birthdays are only 3 weeks apart and I am right smack dab in the middle.  So, to make it easier on everyone, okay so I don't know exactly how easy it is on everyone else but it sure is easier on me, we have the family birthday bash on the same day.  And then they get to have their party with their friends.

This year, my mom, my dad, Wesley, Jordan, and Austin were able to be here for the party again.  Others who came were, Erik's parents, Michelle and Dustin and their kiddos, Ryan (Lizeth and Leilani had something else at her parents), and Nikki (Andy had class that night).  Also our dear friends, who might as well be family, Shonna and her kids made it over as well (Andy had a bunch of work to do). 

All in all it was a fun evening, I think.  Okay, so the girls and I had fun.  I hope everyone else did as well!

I made this really cool sunflower cake with Hershey Kisses, yummy!  Chocolate!

Thanks everyone who was able to make it and spend some special time with us.  And those of you who couldn't, wish you were here!  Love ya!

The sunflower cake. Can you say awesome?  and easy?  The petals are twinkies!

And of course you have to have a cake that says their names!  This was thrown together last minute, not my finest.

Family and friends!

Blowing out the candles!  They should get their wishes!

Love having everyone over!

Opening of presents, the girls' favorite part.  Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mia Got Her Ears Pierced!

We, well mostly Erik but I went along with it, decided that the girls could decide for themselves when they turned eight whether they wanted their ears pierced or not.  We figure if they are accountable in God's eyes, we might as well have them start making some choices. 

Mia went back and forth between wanting them pierced and not wanting them pierced.  She finally decided for sure that she wanted them done, and then we had to figure out a time to do it.  I could have just taken her one day to get them done but Erik really wanted to be there for it, so we had to coordinate with his crazy schedule.  And then remember to do it some evening when Erik got home from work.

Anyway end of August we finally had the time and memory to do it. 

We got there and there was some teenage girl having the cartilage pierced and freaking out so Mia who was already apprehensive about lost it.  We told her she didn't have to get it done but she really wanted to.  I told her that getting the earlobe pierced was totally different from having the cartilage done.  (I had my ears pierced when I was about 8. I finally got the cartilage pierced when I was at BYU, I always wanted that.  I really wanted a couple more holes as well.   And then the prophet came out with one hole per ear thing so bye bye all other holes and I took out the other.)

Mia was strong though.  She gripped my hand for dear life and with tears welling up she tells the guy to do it.  After he did the first one she asked, "Was that it?  Are we done?"  Love you Mia!

She can take them out October 18th, and have the fun earrings!!!  She is so excited! 

Emma said she didn't want her ears pierced but now that she really looked at all the fun earrings she wants hers done as well.  But she promised her friend that she would wait and go with her after her 8th birthday the end of November. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Emma's Birthday and Baptism

Once again I am playing catch up.  Emma had her 8th birthday on August 26 and we had her baptism on her birthday! 

When she woke up she got to open her presents, she got a lot of Littlest Pet Shop stuff, her book was even a Littlest Pet Shop book. 

My parents and two youngest brothers, Wesley and Jordan, were in town visiting from PA for her baptism.  Ian, Angela, Adelia and baby Joseph were also able to make it up from San Diego where Ian is doing his internship at the Naval Medical Hospital in Balboa Park.

For their birthdays they get to pick what their "special" birthday dinner would be.  Emma chose homemade pizzas! 

Things were crazy that day running from one thing to another trying to get everything done.  We were not able to have her birthday cake before we had to leave for her baptism so we had it when we got home.

There were about 71 people there at her baptism!  Wow!  Thank you everyone who was able to make it.  You helped make Emma's special day even more special.

After the baptism we all traipsed back home for cake and ice cream.  Emma chose those Cheesecakes from a box, the Jello brand.  We love those things at our house! 

We also brought home with us friends Rachel, Crystal and Winter as their mom had to leave the baptism early.  Mom, Wendy and brother Darian got there shortly after we did so they all joined us for cake and ice cream.

It was a late night getting to bed.

Emma and Erik in their white jumpsuits ready for the baptism.

Emma and Mia making memories.

We are so proud of our accountable girls! ;)

Time for cake!  Happy Birthday Emma!