Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mia Got Her Ears Pierced!

We, well mostly Erik but I went along with it, decided that the girls could decide for themselves when they turned eight whether they wanted their ears pierced or not.  We figure if they are accountable in God's eyes, we might as well have them start making some choices. 

Mia went back and forth between wanting them pierced and not wanting them pierced.  She finally decided for sure that she wanted them done, and then we had to figure out a time to do it.  I could have just taken her one day to get them done but Erik really wanted to be there for it, so we had to coordinate with his crazy schedule.  And then remember to do it some evening when Erik got home from work.

Anyway end of August we finally had the time and memory to do it. 

We got there and there was some teenage girl having the cartilage pierced and freaking out so Mia who was already apprehensive about lost it.  We told her she didn't have to get it done but she really wanted to.  I told her that getting the earlobe pierced was totally different from having the cartilage done.  (I had my ears pierced when I was about 8. I finally got the cartilage pierced when I was at BYU, I always wanted that.  I really wanted a couple more holes as well.   And then the prophet came out with one hole per ear thing so bye bye all other holes and I took out the other.)

Mia was strong though.  She gripped my hand for dear life and with tears welling up she tells the guy to do it.  After he did the first one she asked, "Was that it?  Are we done?"  Love you Mia!

She can take them out October 18th, and have the fun earrings!!!  She is so excited! 

Emma said she didn't want her ears pierced but now that she really looked at all the fun earrings she wants hers done as well.  But she promised her friend that she would wait and go with her after her 8th birthday the end of November. 


Monty and Kristin said...

So excited for you Mia! You've always been a brave one. You look beautiful! Enjoy!!

Barbara said...

So--today, the 18th was your first day with new earrings! They were so cute, but I didn't realize it was the first time you got to change them. How fun for you! And Emma, you are so nice to wait for your friend.