Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fourth Of July Weekend In La Selva Beach

We went up to visit Erik's Grandma Carole's home in La Selva Beach for the fourth of July weekend. Erik's parents went as well. we all had a great time and a lot of activities packed into such a short amount of time.

Erik, the girls and I slept in a tent in the backyard. The girls had a blast, this was their first time camping. And I was close enough to all the modern conveniences so it worked out well!

Setting up the tent

"Sleeping" in the tent

We drove up to La Selva on Friday, we arrived in that evening and had enough time to put up the tent, eat dinner, visit a little bit with Grandma Carole, Erik's Uncle Ted and Ferd.  Then it was time to go to bed. Why does traveling make you so tired even though you are sitting the whole time?
We love La Selva! The weather is great, there is none of that death heat that we get down here in So Cal. You get that small town lifestyle, where everyone knows everyone. La Selva also has a private beach for the residents and their visitors. No fighting for an inch of beach space!
Saturday morning we got up early and tried to help Grandma Carole get ready for the next day's celebrations.

The girls Erik and I went on a walk to the cliffs overlooking the beach. On our way we saw Erik's Aunt Diane in her front yard and stopped to talk with her for a few minutes before we continued on our walk. 

We chose to take the scenic route to the cliffs.  We felt like we were the only ones there in the "forest." 

Love the greeness of it all!

On our way to the beach we stopped tat the park and the girls had a blast playing on the equipment.  After leaving there we ran into Mom and Grandma Carole who gave each of the girls a popsicle.

We also stopped into the small corner store that Erik's Uncle Mike and Aunt Diane own there in La Selva.

It was a foggy day and the beach was covered in fog even in the afternoon.  Of course I had to get a picture of it.

We then walked back home to Grandma Carole's.  And let me tell you, walking down the hill to get to the center of town is a piece of cake but walking up that last hill is another story!  But we did it, a few different times that weekend.

We had lunch and then Aunt Diane came up to visit and Uncle Mike soon followed.  Dinner plans were made and everyone went their separate ways promising to meet back up in a few hours. 

Erik, Mom, Dad, Mia, Emma and I found ourselves at the beach.  Where only the girls and I were brave enough to get in the water.  Or maybe the word I'm looking for is crazy.  The water was frigid!

Yep, that's us!

We then went back to Grandma Carole's to have dinner.  Mike, Diane , and Ted soon joined us.  We ate pizza, made s'mores, and just sat around the fire telling stories.  That is the most time that I have spent with Mike and Diane.  Thanks for the fun evening of stories, it was great to get to know you guys better.  The girls had a ball making s'mores with you as well and are still talking about it!

S'mores, yummy!

Bedtime then followed after Erik read a chapter of their book around the campfire.  Everyone fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows!

Sunday saw us rising early to begin the Independence Day Celebrations!

Erik, Mia, Emma, and I left first so we could catch the end of the pet show.  Mom and Dad soon joined us and the girls got their face painted and played on the bounce house.

We then headed over to get seats for the parade.  We saw Erik's cousin Tana and her boys in the parade but wouldn't get a chance to talk to them for at least a few more hours.

Waiting for the parade with Mammy and Grandpa

Tana, Woody, and Prescott

We then went and got lunch which was hot dogs, chips, soda, and a cookie!  I had the best chocolate brownie cookie.  Yummy!

Then the games began.  They divide the games according to age groups and the girls fell into different age groups this year.  Mia participated in the carrying a peanut in a spoon to your partner and then switching to your partner's spoon, without using your hands.  (Because we didn't know anyone there she was paired up with this sweet girl)  She also participated in the bubble gum blowing contest.

Emma participated in the run with a balloon between your legs race and the 3-legged race.  She was paired up with a sweet little boy.

Emma and her partner won second place in the 3-legged race!  Yay Emma!!!!  Their secret, as told by Emma is, "You have to go medium.  If you go fast you fall and if you go slow you don't make it in time.  Medium is the way to go."

Mia won third place in bubble gum blowing contest!  Yay Mia!!!!  As she was accepting her ribbon she blew the biggest bubble in front of everyone!

We then met up with Tana, Bob, their kids, and friends at the sand castle building contest.  Bob's team won first place in the sand building contest!  Yay Bob!!!!  Is anyone else seeing a pattern of winners here?

The girls and I made a quick stop at the store to get an ice cream treat because I was feeling really light headed.  Aunt Diane wouldn't let us pay for our ice creams and the girls were shoving their ice cream at the boy behind the counter because he wasn't ringing it up.  And looked at me like I had lost my mind when I told them to go ahead and open it up and that we were leaving.  It took some convincing before they realized that it was legal!  Thanks Diane for the treats!!!!

We went back up to participate in the games that Uncle Mike heads up.  The watermelon eating contest and egg toss!  Erik walked back to Grandma Carole's to get the car because I was worn out and drove it back down to pick us up.

The girls had a ton of fun climbing all the trees around La Selva.

We got back to Grandma Carole's in time to join the block party potluck dinner.  Where there was a live band, a bounce house, food, and friends!  Ted, Tana, Bob, their boys and kids soon joined us.

We all went back to Grandma Carole's where we met Mike and Diane.  We had some fun with some fireworks and sparklers. 

And then the craziness began.  Grandma Carole's neighbors all gathered out on the street with tons and tons of fireworks.  And then they started setting them off.  There were so many that the girls got bored after a while and asked to go back before they were done!

There was lots more visiting before another late bedtime.  This night I think the girls were asleep before their heads hit the pillows!

Monday saw us waking early and packing up to head back home.  Back to reality and the heat.  Thank you to everyone we had a great time!!!  We love you and can't wait till we see you next time.