Saturday, November 22, 2008

Girls Ballet/Tap Class!

The girls have a Ballet/Tap class every Friday in Rancho Cucamonga. It counts towards their PE curriculum for home school, and the Charter school pays for it! They go to Valverde School of Performing Arts for both dance classes. We love Valverde! The teachers are great, the staff super kind, and the girls learn a ton!

Valverde is across the street from the Victoria Gardens, so if anyone in the area is interested go check them out. They give you 1 FREE lesson so your child can try it out and see if it's a good fit or not. They also use that FREE lesson to make sure that class is not too hard or easy for your child. Did I mention that we love them?

Unfortunately their Holiday recital is on a Sunday this year so we will be unable to attend. Both girls were great about it though. When I told them that it was on Sunday they both looked at me and said, "Oh, so we won't be able to go because that's not a Sunday activity."

Don't you love it when something that you've taught them comes out? I always get so excited and think "Wow! You really were listening!" Don't ask me why I still get so excited. It must be a mom thing!

The girls doing tap with their Ballet/Tap teacher, Miss Yesenia. Her and her husband own Valverde.

Here they are in class practicing their piece for the Holiday recital.

And practicing some more! I got to go in and watch the whole piece they are going to be doing fro the recital! Lucky me! I love it!

At the barre doing their ballet warm-ups.

More warming-up. . .

And more!


Michelle said...

So cute, but scary too cause they look too old in these dance classes. Slow down girls!! :) Can't wait to see a recital though!!

Charlyn said...

Isn't it great when our kids make us look good? I could die looking at your girls. How did they get so big??

Jennifer Flake said...

I love the dance class pics! SO cute!