Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vacation--Part 2 Snow Day

All the girls wanted to do in Utah was play in the snow! We thought that there would be plenty of snow for us to play in. According to the weather channel we were suppose to be driving through a storm.

When there was no storm while we were driving we were Erik and I were very thankful. But we kept assuring the girls they would get to play in snow.

Thank goodness that Grandmother's house had a patch of snow behind it. Okay. it was more like a crusty ice patch, but to a couple of Cali girls it was snow! There was no other snow our whole trip, sure we saw a couple of small patches of dirty snow along side the road but there was no nice snow to play in.

But the girls took full advantage of the ice, I mean snow, and spent a few hours playing!

Attacking Austin
Snowball fight with Daddy

Get him!

That's my girl!

Did he actually think that he would get away with using his phone when he was suppose to be playing with the girls? Crazy daddy!

Snow cone anyone?

Mia's snow angel!

Emma's snow angel!


Michelle said...

So glad they found some!!! Christian really want's some too!! ;) Looks like fun!!

Veronica Peterson said...

What a fun trip for the fam!!!

Monty and Kristin said...