Monday, April 28, 2008

Graham Cracker Construction

The girls were inspired by their cousin Tyler's graham cracker tower (scroll to the end of the post) and wanted to build something of their own.

We absolutely LOVE chocolate and candy at our house, so instead of using peanut butter like Tyler, we used chocolate frosting, and candy to decorate with! Yummy!!! And instead of a tower they wanted to build houses that they could decorate. Reminds me of Christmastime.

As you can see the girls had no problem digging into their creations! I actually had a hard time making them wait until after dinner, though they did sneak some while they were hard at work constructing their houses. Like mother, like daughters! I sneaked some as well, but that will be our little secret!

Construction Zone!

Curb Appeal!

The Masterpiece!

Extreme Makeover!



Monty&Kristin said...

Yum!! Looks like fun!! Yeah, Tyler finally ate his. I told him it was going to attract bugs and I didn't want that and he had no problem eating it! I don't blame the girls...I probably never would have gotten it up!:)

Michelle said...

Now that's my kind of house!! Yum!

Veronica Peterson said...

How fun!!