Friday, April 4, 2008

Other Blogs We've Got

Okay, so some of you know Marci and I have been noodling around with blogs for a while. I thought I'd share where all the other pages we have around the Internet are. There are a lot of them. Some are serious, some are just experiments, and some are flat-out lame, but they're all here . . .

Marci's Blog On Children's TV at Bella Online

Marci has a weekly column at, a web portal targeted towards women. She mostly talks about educational TV, although I know she's got a big article on the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards she's working on . . .

Marci's Usborne Books Blog

As you know, Marci is also a consultant for Usborne Books. At this blog, she posts reviews of different cool products when she tests them out on the girls. There are pictures and stuff here, too.

Musings From The Doc

This is the blog that started it all . . . it was just a place for me to go and vent about stuff. It's got stuff in there about politics, TV shows, books, movies, and my life in general. If I had a personal blog before this one, it was probably that one.

The 365 Day Turnaround

This was a blog I started when I first decided to lose weight and get out of debt. It's a combination of informational articles and personal stuff about getting out of debt and getting fit. For a while I was even doing a weekly feature about different gambling games and why they're a bad idea. I liked doing this blog a lot, but haven't been doing much with it lately.

Yes, I do have a website that is not on Blogger. is a humor site my friend Jarrod and I work on like crazy sometimes and altogether ignore at other times. I'm looking to make some big improvements on it soon, though, and try to make it into something that can make a few dollars a month, in addition to having it be a place I can post on those rare occasions my brain thinks of something funny.

How To Manage People

This blog is basically about my management philosophies. I work in multi-unit management, and have both read and studied extensively on the subject of leadership. Nevertheless, this blog still manages to be fairly incomprehensible. But I really enjoy working on it--I'd love to make my living talking about the kinds of stuff I talk about on there.

Free Stuff Online

This blog has links to stuff you can get for free all over the Internet. Mostly samples, although it also has free educational materials and other stuff. We try to filter out anything that's not just straightforward, "Fill out your address and we'll send you something free."

Let's Save Some Money!

A blog in two parts: The first part are articles about saving money that Marci and I write, and the second part is links to sales all over the Internet from sites that are affiliates. Probably the two most useful posts are the two with links to places to get deals on used textbooks and other books and places to get travel discounts online.

Some Hero Stuff

This was originally intended to be a place where I would post reviews of graphic novels, except I never actually got around to reviewing any. I did manage to make around 40 posts so far, though, and I get the most hits for people searching for who would win in a fight between Batman and Snake-Eyes.

Teaching Kids To Sew

This is Marci's blog about her efforts to teach the girls how to sew, complete with pictures and stuff. I have it on good authority there will be a skirt project soon--stay tuned!


Okay, I think that's all of them. We're currently working on a couple of other websites that we'll probably post about at some point, but we're learning slowly about how this whole "making money online" thing works. Someday, we may just know enough to actually "make money." In the meantime, I think I'm the Internet authority on who would win in a fight between Batman and Snake-Eyes, and that's something, right?