Saturday, July 5, 2008

McDonalds Museum in San Bernardino

Okay, so you've all seen it when you were driving down E Street, but you've never stopped there.

Well, as of today, we have.

As I expected, the museum at the location of the first ever McDonalds is pretty much a Happy Meal toy museum. Check out this video, and I'll bet you'll see at least one toy that you had as a kid.

Plus, they had some of the old playplace equipment--the Mayor McCheese you could climb in, the Fry Guy rocking horses, and of course, the plug-in carousel.


Dustin said...

Happy Birthday Erik!!! Time to Party!! Well monday anyways!! Hope you had a good Birthday and look forward to celebrating it with you on Monday!!

Love Ya Bro!!


Ryan & Lizeth said...

That Grimmus is the scariest thing that I have ever seem in my life. I'm glad the girls survived. I really looks like an interesting place to visit. I'll have to check it out sometime.

Andy and Nikki said...

Yeah emma that is my camera! ha ha... How did she know that? Man that place is awesome. those toys bring back some crazy memories. Looks like a fun day.