Monday, July 21, 2008

Chicks and Eggs Unit Study

Erik and I decided that it would be cool for the girls to have a unit study on eggs and chicks. We will be going to The LA Fair again this year and thought that it might be fun to see the process up close and first hand.

There is a guy in our ward at church who sets up units at the local schools where he brings in eggs in a n incubator and all the stuff you will need to take care of the chicks when they hatch. He does all the hard work of turning the eggs and getting them all ready to go, we have the easy part sit back and watch!

Anyway, he brought us our two chicken eggs this morning. Before he came he called and said that he had a couple chicks that had hatched just a couple of days ago and wanted to know if we wanted two extra chicks to start with so we could watch them. Of course we do!

So we have two chicks, well actually, one of the eggs hatched this evening so we have three chicks and one egg. The girls were so excited! All day long it was "Mom come look at this!" and you should have heard the squealing when the chick finally completely hatched!

Erik and the girls spent an hour watching the new chick from when it had just hatched to getting dried and fluffy to moving around and even drinking some water. It is so "awesome," to steal a phrase from Mia!

We are learning a lot! We are also having a few kids over, local homeshoolers, friends, and family to have an activity day/book club later this week. We will be doing activities and reading books about eggs and chicks. Each kid will get an Usborne Book to take home as well as the activities we do! It should be fun!

The girls with the incubator with the eggs!

The 2 chicks--a couple days old

The chick when it was first hatched

The chick just a couple minutes old--notice the difference between the one who is just hatched and the one a couple of days old

The newly hatched chick just an hour old


Veronica Peterson said...

How awesome the girls got to see that. Are you keeping all the chicks or giving them back.

Ryan & Lizeth said...

Chicks digg chicks. That is awesome that they got to do that. Raise those birds and eat em!!

Marci said...

The guy who brought them will actually be picking them up next Friday! The girls will be sad to see them go. I think the cat will be happy though, she won't have to be locked in the bathroom at night and when we go anywhere once they leave!

Monty&Kristin said...

Oh, I was just going to how long do you keep those chicks. Anyway, I think this looks totally cool!! yeah, they'll have a hard time parting with those chicks! They are their babies! FUN TIMES!!! Does that guy drive up to Paso?!:) Cool pics

Jennifer Flake said...

I thought I left a comment...but it didn't show up....

ANYHOW! I just had to tell you that I have checked out your blog too and didn't leave a comment...:)
I will for now on!
I love seeing what's going on in the lives of people I grew up with but never get to see!

Marci said...

Jennifer, we love to hear from people. So keep checking and let us know what you think.

We even like to hear from complete strangers!

Marci said...

Kristin, he does charge mileage for anything outside of a certain area--that would be one big bill! I bet that you could find someone in your area who would do it for you, or atleast raises chickens and let you come over and see everything at their house! Good luck!