Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beauty And The Beast

Tonight was the night that Erik's parents took the girls and I to go see Beauty And The Beast as a play at Riverside Community College. We had a great time and the play was great! The actors did a really good job.

Before we went to see the play we ate at Coco's. Mia had Macaroni and Cheese--she would live on it if I let her and Emma had Spaghetti and "smashed potatoes"--Emma would live on smashed potatoes if I let her! I had the Chicken Alfredo, it was so good. I did really good the rest of the day on eating healthy and except for the chocolate last night I've done really good this week. And hey, chocolate is the MOST important food group!

When we left the play we ran into the girl who played Belle just as she was coming out, so the girls got to have their picture taken with her. It was just a coincidence that we ran into her, we weren't sticking around for the "meet and greet" of the actors because the girls were so tired. Everyone else who was staying, practically everyone who came and watched the play were crowded around the front, and the actors came out the side and then went around to the front. So the girls got to see Belle without the crowds! Lucky girls!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a super fun night!


Monty&Kristin said...

HOW FUN!! Sounds like an amazing night! how fun to run into Belle! Mia looks particularly beautiful in this picture! I've never seen here with her hair all up.