Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tagged by Veronica

Okay, I know I was tagged a while ago but I have just been super busy trying to be Wonder Woman! So, here it goes. . .

i am: complex
i think: about a hundred things at once--especially when I'm trying to fall asleep
i know: that staying home and homeschooling the girls is the right thing for us
i want: to see my side of the family more
i have: a wonderful, loving and understanding husband--thanks Erik
i wish: to get our own home
i hate: not being able to have anymore children
i fear: losing my family
i feel: blessed
i smell: the flowers--at least I'm trying to stop and smell them more
i crave: something sweet and usually chocolaty all the time
i search: for new exciting home school ideas--all the time
i wonder: sometimes if I can make it through the day
i regret: not opening up and letting people get closer to me, see the real me
i care: about my family
i always: am looking for fun stuff to do
i believe: that I'm a good person--it's taken me many years to be able to say that
i dance: with the girls--I would love to take a dance class with Erik sometime, hint hint ;)
i sing: poorly but love to sing
i don't always: get everything done on my to do list--okay like never!
i fight: the depression-daily
i write: less than I want, it's on my to do list!
i lose: the battle aginst clutter
i win: for having the best family and friends ever! Thanks everyone for making me a winner!
i never: ask for help--something I will work on one day, it's on my to do list!
i listen: to Radio Disney when the girls are with me--all the time!
i can usually be found: with my family
i am scared: of rejection and the dark
i need: to be closer to Christ and rely more on Him instead of me
i am happy about: my life--it's a pretty good one!

So I tag Kristin, Lizeth, and Dustin--because we got to get the boys involved too!


Michelle said...

I love this post. I feel like I get to know a little more about YOU!!

Veronica Peterson said...

Thanks for the post. I agree with Michelle. I feel like I know you a little more. You are a super mom!