Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being a Single Parent Sucks!

Okay, Erik has been in San Diego now since Sunday evening. So, for all intents and purposes I am indeed a single parent this week--doing it all myself. I know that I sometimes complain, even if it is just to myself, about Erik not always pulling his own weight and helping out. But, I know totally have a new respect for him and all that he does.

I will say that during the day is the easiest for us, after all Erik is gone during the day at work anyway! But in the evenings the girls start to get more whinny and clingy and bedtimes is the worst! The girls go to bed much better when Erik is here, or at least when they know he will be back that night.

Trying to keep the girls busy and their minds off Daddy being gone we have been doing lots of things. I don't know if it wore the girls out but it sure wore me out!

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and took Melody, a blind lady from our church with us. When we dropped her back off at her place the girls invited her over for dinner and Family Home Evening. Having Family Home Evening without Erik was odd for us, whenever Erik is gone for work he's only gone a couple days so we usually have FHE before he leaves or when he gets back, this week we had to do it by ourselves.

Today Mommy had a doctor's appointment, just a quick prick of the finger to test how thick my blood is and then we were out of there! We then went to the Edwards in Ontario to see the free movie Care Bears 2--the girls really like that movie! Then we came home and ate and cleaned up the house because we had a family coming over to see the chicks and pick up the book and materials from our Eggs and Chicks class that we held last week. Oh, and Mommy had a nap! Of course the girls weren't tired or worn out, just Mommy.


Ryan & Lizeth said...

I remember when Lizeth left me for a week to visit family in Mexico. I thought I was lost and the only person I had to look after was myself. If anyone can handle those girls on their own it is you Marci. The good news is you have sweet girls.

Michelle said...

Dustin was only gone 2 days last week for scout camp and I was beat. I agree that this single parent stuff is no fun and that we are pretty lucky!

Erik said...

I love you, Marci.

Being a bachelor also stinks.

I'll see you tommorrow.