Friday, August 1, 2008

Busy Day. . .

The girls and I had a pretty busy day today, full of lots of fun things!

We started off the day with swimming lessons. Mammy has been giving the girls swimming lessons. The girls are getting pretty good! They are like little fish in the water.

After swimming and getting cleaned up we went to the post office to mail out five books that I had sold on I will have to go back to the post office tomorrow, I sold one more book and something off of my Ebay store. (My Ebay store is and my store is I just started Ebay and I have a ton more stuff to add to it)

We then went shopping for Nikki's birthday present. (Nikki is Erik's youngest brother, Andy's fiancee) I had no idea what to get her but I think that we finally found the perfect gift. You'll have to ask her tomorrow after she opens it!

We then stopped at the mall to do a secret shop ( just another way I make a little extra money.)While we were there we got a pretzel to split and clip on earrings for the girls! They can get their ears pierced when the y turn 8 if they want to. It's their choice. We figure that since they are accountable in the Lord's eyes at 8 they might as well start making choices that will affect them forever then, too.

After we got home the guy came and picked up the chicks. It was sad to see them go.

Then we went to Melody's apartment. Melody is a lady from our ward who just happens to be blind. The girls don't think anything of her being blind to them she's just Melody! We love Melody and have become really close to her in the last few months. She has three parakeets and the girls love to play with them. They got to hold and pet the birdies more tonight than they ever have. Melody actually named two of the birdies after the girly girls, the birds are named Mia and Emmy, and then there is Happy! We took over Schoolhouse Rock to watch and had pizza and brownies! Yummy!!

The girls were so exhausted when we got home. I think that they fell asleep before their heads even hit the pillow!

Mia at the mall

Emma eating the pretzel!

Licking the bowl!



Ryan & Lizeth said...

Looks like the girls had a whole lot of fun. You seem to have done a great job while Erik was away. Good job Marci. Erik owes you a week off as soon as he gets back. :)

Michelle said...

YOur Friday seems as busy as mine was. I still need to find time to post about it.

Jennifer Flake said...

I remember licking the bowl clean!
Your girls are so cute!