Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Has Taken Up So Much Of My Time

I know that I have not been posting as much these last couple of weeks. I have been busy figuring out what materials to get with our funds from our charter school. I finally have my list and even have it turned in to our Education Specialist (ES). So, that is finally done, one less stress!

After I figured out what materials to get, I then had to sit down and figure out our basic day to day home school schedule. Okay, I didn't have to but I find that I am more organized if I have a basic schedule written down. I did it so that the book work will be done in the morning and funner things and special classes and activities will be after lunch.

The schedule is done. The schedule also had to be flexible, if we decide to do a field trip to the zoo we need to be able to do that! And if we are babysitting, no problem, if the kids are old enough they join us in school. If they are not old enough they play while we do school, granted we do less formal work that day.

But this is one of the things that I enjoy the most about homeschooling, besides being with my kids, is the flexibility!

Mia took her assessment test a couple days ago for the charter school, all kids 2nd grade and up take the assessment test at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year. The test scores will help me see what I need to work on with the girls.

I already know that we need to work on Math. We just got our new Math program and I think that it will be much better for the girls learning types. Last years Math program did not mesh well with the girls' learning styles.

They are more like me--hand on learners and visual. None of do well in the lecturing scenario. I know that for myself when someone starts talking and there is nothing for me to do, I fade out to another place and time! The girls are a lot like this. Our new Math program looks to be more interactive.

We also got our new Spelling Program and Handwriting programs already. We will stick with Hooked On Phonics for reading as the girls are doing well with this program. We will be starting Level 3!

Starting in October both girls will be participating in an art class given through the Riverside Art Museum. They will both also be taking a Ballet/Tap dance class as well as a Hip Hop dance class!

School officially starts on Monday the 25th. We are so excited to get started again and excited to start all our new programs. Now we'll just have to wait for the rest of our materials to get here.


Jennifer Flake said...

you are one dedicated mom! :)