Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tagged By The Andy Man (I think).

i am: a teacher, a storyteller, a father, a husband
i think: about everything way too much
i know: a lot less than I used to think I did
i want: a job that makes me want to wake up early
i have: an amazing family
i wish: more often than I accomplish
i hate: car problems, money problems, and being sunburned
i fear: a lot less than I probably should
i feel: like a kid who's just play-acting he's a grown up
i smell: and I'm embarrassed about it
i crave: fried food way more than sweets
i search: for matching socks
i wonder: where my family will be in five years
i regret: too much to write about
i care: too much about what other people think of me
i always: feel silly doing these little survey things, because I'm so worried about what other people will think of me
i believe: there is usually a solution
i dance: alone
i sing: songs I make up to my kids (and anyone else who will listen)
i don’t always: stay awake through movies any more
i fight: to do things I know I have to do
i write: science fiction and fantasy
i lose: all kinds of stuff whenever I get stressed
i win: once in a while on Smash Bros.
i never: can decide what/where to eat
i listen: to podcasts and audiobooks more than music
i can usually be found: doing something besides whatever I should be doing
i am scared: of cutting off options by making final decisions
i need: to lighten up
i am happy about: my family, my calling, and getting to go to OSC's Boot Camp


Monty&Kristin said...

HOW WAS OSC Boot Camp? Was it everything you dreamed? I think you were very honest in that's good to get to know you better! Isn't it so true the older you get the less you realize you understand and know!!

Ryan & Lizeth said...

I search for matching socks!! AMEN!!