Thursday, January 22, 2009

Advertising for Michelle!!!

Okay, for those of you who don't know it, our sister-in-law Michelle is like the best photographer ever. She can even make me look cute! ;)

Seriously, she does a really good job. The feet picture above is hers as well many other photos sprinkled throughout our blogs and anywhere else you find us online. Check out the album "Marci's Girls" on Marci's facebook page. Michelle took all of them!!!

I even had her tackle this humongous task for me of taking pictures of all the Peterson kids and their families so I could scrapbook the pictures for Mom and Dad's Christmas present. The pictures turned out great and the scrapbook was pretty good too, if I do say so myself. I will have to get some pics of it and post them so you can see my genius!

Back on topic. . .focus! No pun intended but it works! My thoughts are allover the place today.

Anywho, Michelle is one of the best. If you live here in the Inland Empire or will be visiting make sure to give her a call to set up your photo shoot! She's so good and really reasonably priced. You will get a killer deal!!!!

Just click on the button the top right of the page. The cutest button in the world because I, Marci Ann Peterson, figured out how to make it. And it only took me a couple of minutes! Yay, me! Okay so Ryan, another awesomely talented family member, designed the logo for Michelle but I put it all together in the button.

If me and my ramblings haven't convinced you yet go check out her website (just click on the button) and take a peak at the great stuff she can do with a camera!


michelle p said...

I was wondering baout the scarp book. I never got to see and and was curious!

Ok, so the button. I need it and if you are really feeling generous how about one for my blog. Are you able to like e-mail me a code for them that I can post so others can make a button or what do? Thanks for everything rock my sister!!