Monday, February 2, 2009


Okay, I just had to get that out! Steelers won! Yay!!! Six time champs!!!

For all of you who don't already know, I love football--more so if I'm there. There's just something about being there in the stands, the excitement, the energy, you get the picture. I love the Steelers, you can't grow up in the Pittsburgh PA area and not have black and gold running through your veins. ;)

So, we watched the Superbowl yesterday, Erik more for the commercials me for the game. There were some moments when I was a little stressed, quite the nail biter. I yelled, cheered, groaned, and finally celebrated. My girls must have thought that I was truly crazy. But what's new? They always think I'm crazy for some reason or another, and maybe I am.

Anyway, just had to celebrate a little with all my peeps!


Jennifer Flake said...

I am not an NFL fan...I didn't really care who it all turned out great for me!... and even though Brandon was cheering for the Cardinals...he still loved it because it was such a good game!

Ryan and Lizeth said...

Awesome game this year. Now that it is over Marci you need to get into the purple and gold - Lakers. You will find the nba is pretty cool too. :o)