Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Party

Every year one of our home school groups, IEAH, has a Valentine's Party at Chuck E Cheese. Besides having the Valentine's Party we meet together weekly at a local park. We also have a yahoo support group, and whenever one of us needs advice, reassurance, or hears of a great educational idea we contact the rest of the group and let everyone know.

A lot of friendships have been made and solidified at our home school park day! The girls have a ton of friends that they love to see each week. Yeah, we don't have any worry about our kids having enough socialization. Between, park days, dance classes, activities, having friends over, and church we get enough socialization!

Anyway, back to Chuck E Cheese (where a kid can be a kid). To prepare for the day we have to get together our Valentines, this year 61 kids signed up to attend! WOW!!! So, in theme with the Boy Scout motto of always being prepared, we made up about 72 Valentines. I also made up a dessert. (I had had Activity Girls the day before and only had two girls show up. I had made a 9 X 13 pan of Brownies, so I just cut up the rest and took those.

You can get coupons for Chuck E Cheese at their website or in the coupons that come with your Sunday paper. Make sure to also print out a reward chart for each child-that's 10 FREE tokens each! You all know how much I LOVE a good deal!

So, the kids get to spend the day at Chuck E Cheese with their friends and mom gets to hang out with her friends and play some games as well. What can I say, I love Chuck E Cheese! I know, you all are thinking that I am crazy! If the shoe fits wear it, and I wear my crazy shoes proudly!

Here are some pictures from the festivities!

Mia playing a shoot 'em up game. She is definitely her parents' daughter!

Emma playing the catch the bee game!

Mia driving, just a few more years and it will be in a real car! Yikes! Where did the time go?

Emma playing stomp the spider. You can bet I would be stomping a lot harder if they were real spiders, while Emma would be gathering them up as pets. Emma and her animal friends!

Everyone passing out their Valentines--organized chaos!

Mia passing out Valentines!

Emma passing out her Valentines!


Michelle P said...

Looks like a fun time. Happy Valentines!!! :)

Ryan and Lizeth said...

I love Chuck E Cheese's. It seems like the place that a kid can really be a kid. Love you guys. Cute pictures.