Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Daddy/Daughter Date

So Marci and I decided that this year, we'd do parent dates--one month, Mia would go with me and Emma would go with her, and then we'd switch the next month.

This month, Mia and I went to Cal State San Bernardino's art museum, where they had a great display called Excavating Egypt. Sure, they had lots of cool stuff like mummy cases and ancient masks, but leave it to Daddy to take a picture of the 6,000 year old rat trap:

In another section, they also had some really cute, really tiny paintings that either weren't put up yet, or were displayed in a rather odd way (with these college art types, you never know).

Afterwards, we headed to the college library, which, since they educate a lot of future teachers there, has an extensive juvenile collection. Those fit me fine, and Mia found some good books too.


Greg, Raela and Austin said...

What wonderful memories you guys are making!


P.S. I love the picture at the top of your blog! Was that Emma's scar from surgery? Ouch.

Marci said...


That is Emma's scar! She love sto show it off to people just ask her to see it! Crazy girl!!!