Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun In The Snow!!!

All Erik asked for for Christmas was a book on places to hike in Southern California. I ended up getting him two books as well as a couple other things. Anyway, there is a really cute and easy hike one of the books up in Crestline. (Which is just up the mountain from us)

So, we decided that we would venture up to Crestline to take this hike. When we were getting ready to leave I told the girls to grab a jacket, knowing that the mountains are always a little cooler than we are down here. They both came out with their winter coats, I almost told them to take them back and just get a light jacket/sweatshirt. We have been having really warm weather down here and I assumed that most of the snow in Crestline would be melted. I was actually hoping that we would be able to find a couple patches of snow for the girls.

I was wrong! There is still a ton of snow up in the mountains!!!! So, our nice leisurely hike turned into playing in the snow. We will have to save the hike for a warmer day. We were not prepared to play in the snow, the girly girls have decreed that we need to go back with gloves so they can make more snowballs to throw at mom and dad!

Girls having fun in the snow!!

Mia walking in the snow.

Emma in the snow

Girls sitting in the snow! Brrrr, cold!!!

Erik and the girly-girls on a rock high above the creek!


Ryan and Lizeth said...

Looks like a fun time. I can't remember the last time that I went and played in the snow. What a cool family activity. Oh and tell those girls to stop growing already!!!!

michelle p said...
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melissa said...

We went up to the snow yesterday and had so much fun sledding and playing. I'm glad your girls enjoyed it! We would love to hike with you sometimes if you want an extra family of wild nuts to accompany you! Where did you play in the snow?

p.s. I love you Marci!

michelle p said...

Yes, it does look like a lot of fun,but C-O-L-D!!!

Raela said...


I'm finally getting around to blog and click around... I didn't realize you were a blogger too! You never cease to amaze me ~ where do you find time for all that you do?

I love all of the cute pics. We haven't made it to the snow yet... maybe next weekend.

Have a great Saturday!

Love ya,

Jennifer Flake said...

LOVE the snow pictures! You do some many fun things with your girls!