Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mommy/Daughter Date

So, this is a followup to the Daddy/Daughter Date post that Erik made. As Erik said we are taking the time one night a month to spit up and spend quality on on one time with a girl. This month Erik and Mia had fun at the art museum, read the next post to hear all about it.

And Emma and I rented a Wii game from blockbuster. I asked Emma what she wanted to do and she decided that she wanted to play Wii. She gets to play Wii a lot with Erik and with Mia but I don't play it a lot. And honestly Erik and Mia have been hogging Wii time playing Lego Batman, but the game is finally beat so maybe they will share better now. We love you guys just the same, even if you do have trouble sharing! ;) Part of the problem might be that Emma and I have less of an attention span than they do. They can spend hours, and I do mean hours, playing the same level over and over getting all the "stuff" and unlocking all the "stuff" and finding all the secrets. Emma and I get bored way too easily!

Anyway, back to the date. We, Emma and I went to blockbuster and I told her that she could pick out any Wii game in the store to rent. If she wanted to buy one it had to be under $15, I know I'm a big spender! ;) Hey we are trying to save for a house people, so give me a little bit of a break! Well, there was like only one game there for sale that was in our price range and Emma was so not into that game. So, we looked for games to rent.

And Emma chose De Blob! I had never heard of it, but Emma had seen a commercial fro it on TV. So, we rented it and brought it home. It was actually really fun. There are challenges and levels to complete and secret "stuff," one could get totally hooked. I was kind of addicted to it and had to limit how much time I was going to allow myself to play on it. Good news, it goes back Tuesday--bad news, I looked on to see if anyone had a cheaper copy of it. I am so not paying $40 for a used copy! But I might pay $20. . . .

Thanks for the fun date Emma!!!


michelle p said...

I love the "date" ideas. Dustin did one with Christian a few months back and we were gonna keep it up, but looks like we didn't. :( Time to start again I think !

Jennifer Flake said...

So FUN! I LOVE date nights with my kids!

rachel said...

We love having date nights/days with the kiddos. Even if it is just running to the store. The boys love it- and we like the one on one time!