Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We are so lucky to have a swimming pool at our apartment complex! It is a lifesaver during these unbearably hot summer months we have ahead of us!

I also love the pool because my girls have been in the water since they were babies. They do not fear the water or swimming like I use to. Okay, I admit, I still have some fear, but I have overcome a lot of the fear while taking the girls swimming.

Mammy has agreed to come and teach swimming lessons to the girls! Maybe she can teach me as well! We start next week!

The girls are doing great with what little I was able to teach them but it is definitely time for them to get some formal teaching! They don't even use their floaties at all anymore! Go girls!

Here are some pictures of them swimming yesterday!

The girls getting ready to jump in! They really have no fear!
Emma swimming
Mia swimming
Emma doing the dead man's float, her favorite float!

Mia floating on her back

Emma touching the bottom

Mia touching the bottom


Monty&Kristin said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Yeah, you sure do have two little water monkeys. I have some fear of water too!! Enjoy the lessons.

Veronica Peterson said...

Girls have lots of fun swimming this summer and with your lessons.