Saturday, June 21, 2008

More of Michelle's Pictures of the Girls

I think everybody who reads this blog, also reads Michelle's blog, so you know she snapped some pics of my kids.

Dustin dropped them off the other day, along with a DVD of them set to music.*

Let me tell you--the pictures are amazing. These are the best pictures of my kids I've ever seen. I feel guilty taking them. I've paid money for pictures that were no where near the quality of these pictures.

Every one of you who has kids, you should go, right now, turn off the computer and get to Michelle's house NOW and make her take pictures of your kids before she comes to her senses and starts charging for these things.


She's going to come to her senses soon and you don't want to miss out.

Want proof?

* - If you read her blog, you can also guess what music was on the DVD. ;)


Michelle said...

Ahh...thank Erik, I'm glad that you liked them. I had so much fun with the girls that day. I told them that they might have to get used to me in their face with the camera. :)

Monty&Kristin said...

Those are so cute!! Yeah, Michelle has a great talent! I love it!!