Monday, June 9, 2008


Miriam and Emma can't wait until they are old enough to babysit other kids, especially their cousins. And Auntie Michelle has been kind enough to agree to let the girls babysit her kids when the girls get older!

Today the girls got a "practice session" in babysitting as we watched Christian and Chloe so Michelle and Dustin could attend a funeral. Sad circumstances for the adults but fun for the kids!

Christian followed the girls around, especially "Ma!" (He can't say Emma, so he calls her Ma) Emma and Christian watered my plants for me, chased the cat until she went into hiding, and just all around had fun! Both girls helped me feed Chloe and hold her!

All four kids played really well together, in the living room. They brought out all the cars we have, the Dora and Diego toys, the dinosaurs, and a bunch of balloons! So much for picking up the girls' bedroom so they could all play in there!

When Chloe went down for her nap the girls and Christian watched a Leapfrog video we have, called Math Circus. After the video was over the three of them played quietly until Chloe woke up.

The girls and Christian also had a ton of fun playing with the chalk and water on the patio. And don't forget all the fun to be had while jumping on the bed! Poor Chloe, was feeling left out during all this fun and tried to follow along behind, you'll be playing with them soon enough Chloe Bear!

After Michelle and Dustin picked up their kids, Mia told me "That was the best day ever!" And Emma said, "That was so much fun!"

So thanks Michelle and Dustin for letting us watch the kids for you. Our home and kids are always there for you!

Here are some pictures that I snapped of the kids. Not as good of job as Michelle would have done, but the best I can do with our little camera. Have I mentioned that I am so jealous of Michelle's camera?

Playing with balloons!
More balloon fun!
Mia and Chloe
Emma and Chloe
Christian playing with cars. We have this car shooter that shoots the cars out.
Christian loved it, and played with that for a long time. He would laugh and laugh
every time the cars shot out! He had both Mia and Emma helping him get the cars in right!


Michelle said...

ladies,ladies,ladies...thank you so much for the great babysitting job today!! I know that the kids had a blast with you and can't wait for you to sit for them again. :)

We love you girls (and mom), thank you for being such sweet little rays of sunshine.

Ryan & Lizeth said...

I think that it is time to stop letting your kids grow up. They are growing up just a little too fast for my liking. Be a strong parent and lay down the law. No more growing up as of today!!

Monty&Kristin said...

So fun! Looks like the girls had a great time and Christian enjoyed with the girls! So fun for the cousins to be able to get together and have fun. That was sure nice of you!