Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making Dirt Dessert

Today the girls and I made Dirt Dessert. Actually, I supervised and they made it! They did a great job and it tasted great as well. Yummy!


Monty&Kristin said...


The Rich's said...

can't say i've ever made dirt dessert...what exactly is in it? are those oreos? anything with oreos is yummy!

Erik said...

Those absolutely are Oreos!

It's easy to make:

You crunch up a bunch of Oreos.

You make some instant chocolate pudding and substitue some Cool Whip for some of the milk.

You layer the Oreo "Dirt" and the Pudding "Mud," mixing in gummi worms to add to the fun.

If you want the exact recipie, let us know and we'll email it to you!

Yeah. It's yummy.

And the girls got a big kick out of putting some of it in my work lunch the next day. Emma said, "The people at your work will think you're eating dirt!"

Jenna said...

This looks fun! My girls love it when they can cook something independently.