Thursday, December 11, 2008

I got tagged!

Okay, so I know that Veronica tagged me like, oh ages ago. Being the slacker procrastinator that I am, I am finally doing it today! (You know it's been a long time when you have to go searching through a few pages of old posts on some one's blog to find the questions that you're suppose to answer!) Better late than never, right? Can I alteast get an A for effort?

Anyway, enough of my crazy rambling! Here it is the answers you have all been waiting to see. Hopefully, you weren't holding your breath! Because I'm afraid that we have probably killed brain cells waiting. And some of us don't have many to lose!

8 Things I Like A Whole Lot
1. My family--they have to love me! Thanks everyone! (especially Erik and the girly-girls)
2. Friends--sometimes I wonder why they love me!
3. The Gospel--can you imagine how much more screwed up I'd be? I shudder at the thought!
4. Chocolate covered pretzels--my absolute favorite though I will eat anything chocolate!
5. Cooler weather--I can finally go outside without melting into a puddle!
6. Exercising--some days more than others!
7. My creative spirit--someday I will finish all those projects I've started! ;)
8. Laughter--it's the best medicine! I'd rather laugh than cry!

8 Phrases I say Often
1. "Come on Girly-girls!"
2. "If there's no blood you aren't hurt that bad!"
3. "There is no whining in . . ." (go ahead fill in the blank)
4. " Do you understand what I'm saying?" (or some variation--a lot of time the answer is no)
5. "I love you!"
6. "No, you're crazy!"
7. "I have to learn how to say no!" (usually spoken to myself)
8. "Everything will be fine" (even if I'm only repeating it over and over to myself! Did you notice I talk to myself alot? do I talk to myself because no one listens or because I answer myself faster than anyone else!)

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Go skydiving/hand gliding--imagine me flying! WWWEEEEEE!!!
2. Travel--I know that's a pretty generic answer!
3. Adopt--since I can't have anymore of my own this is the only way I will have a big family.
Well, the only legal way at least!
4. Get a house--yes, we are still renting but one day I will have my own house!
5. Live--I don't want to get old nor do I want to grow up! I do want to live a full life through!
6. Watch my girls grow up into strong, beautiful , and smart women
7. Lose weight--I want to get down to 150 and stay there!!!!
8. Live debt free--debt sucks!

8 Things I've Learned From My Past
1. There are times when you need to speak up
2. There are times when you need to shut up (I'm confused too! I usually end up mixing up
when to do what!)
3. Forgive others
4. Stressing doesn't get anything done--so stop stressing! Easier said than done!
5. Kids will always do what they see not what they hear!
6. My parents deserve a medal--I put them through a lot!
7. Have a plan but always be ready to make a detour!
8. Live life to the fullest!!!

8 Places I'd Love To Visit
1. Pennsylvania--always #1 stop! My family is still there!
2. Anywhere where there is someone to visit--I'm more about the people than the place!
3. China--Erik really wants to go and Mia's got an obsession with anything China
4. Hawaii--doesn't everyone?
5. Europe--wouldn't it be fun to say you've been there?
6. A US History trip--I would love to take the time and visit all the highlights
7. A LDS History Trip--I would love to visit all the LDS points of interest
8. Australia--what can I say I love the accent and I always had a huge crush on The Man From
Snowy River

8 Things I currently Need Or Want
1. A massage daily--you didn't say it had to be realistic!
2. A house--hopefully we will get one in the next couple years
3. A haircut--I really really need one, this isn't a want but a need!
4. Get out of debt and live debt free--almost there!
5. Reach my goal weight--150, oh I would love to be a size 8! I don't think that I have ever been
a size 8 except for when I was so sick. So, I guess I want to be a healthy size 8
6. Be able to visit my family more often--I miss you guys!!!
7. I want to know that I'm a good mom and doing what's best for my kids!
8. I want everyone to know that I appreciate you all so much!!!

I tag--Rachel, Charlyn, Melissa, and Lori!!! I bet the family is really glad that I now have some blogging friends! Now they don't get picked on all the time!


Ryan and Lizeth said...

A daily massage sounds awesome. All hardworking moms deserve that. Get to work Erik!! :o)
Lizeth makes me give her one when she wakes up and then again right before she goes to sleep. She told me all husbands do it. It was like marriage law or something like that.

Jennifer Flake said...

Fun stuff!!!!

Hope you all are having a fun holiday season!

Kathy said...

Tags drive me a little bit crazy to do myself, but it's fun to read other people's, especially when they're so fun. Great answers!