Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Home Evening

Okay, you all know about my thankful kick, right? So, since I was lesson for Family Home Evening last night I decided to do a lesson on thankfulness. (For those of you who are not LDS, Family Home Evening--FHE--is a night where you get together as a family, usually having a little lesson, play a game, go somewhere, sing, pray, and best of all have a treat!)

Anyway, for my lesson I decided to steal an idea I saw somewhere, I don't remember where and give it a Marci twist. We made a banner of things that we are thankful for. Everyone got 5 index cards and drew a picture and wrote what it was, everyone also had to put their name and the date on it. I think that we will keep adding to it everyone once in a while to help us remember all we have to be thankful for. We were all suppose to come up with something that was different from everyone else.

Erik, is thankful for bedtime, the Internet, dishwasher, bubbles, and imagination. Mia is thankful for her Dad, Emma, Mom (she's so sweet you could get a toothache), Brandy (the cat), and books. I am thankful for flowers, family, friends, music, and chocolate. Even though I'm trying eat healthy I still have a bag of Hershey kisses in the freezer. That way I can have a couple a day and being frozen they last longer in your mouth! Emma is thankful for Miriam, Elmo, the Temple, comic books, and the Emma-hole.

Side note about the Emma-hole, the Emma-hole is something that Emma herself invented. It is an imaginary place that sounds like a lot of fun, they have everything there, flying cars, Disneyland everyday, a bubble machine, and more. Everything Emma wants happens in the Emma-hole. There is a whole family in the Emma-hole with lots of brothers and sisters for her, can you tell that she wants to come from a big family. There are lots of friends there too, she has a kazillion million friends in there. When she gets mad she goes to the Emma-hole, I think it's because the mom in the Emma-hole is nicer. She has an Emma-hole everywhere she goes, the one here is under Mia's bed where her trundle bed goes during the day! She also has a Emma-hole everywhere she goes, a lot of times it's under the table at a friend's home. She has started a trend, everyone has their own hole. Mia has a Mia-hole, Erik has a Daddy-hole and a Erik-hole, her friends have their own holes--though some are lazy and just go to the Emma-hole ;), and I have a Mommy-hole. When Emma gets mad at me and tells me that she is going to her Emma-hole because the mommy in the Emma-hole is nice, I tell her that's great because the Emma in the mommy-hole doesn't whine!

Anyway, so we have all the cards with the things that we are thankful for strung on a string hanging on our wall. This will hopefully help us remember all our blessings and remind us to show more gratitude and thankfulness to everyone but most especially our Heavenly Father who gave us everything!


Michelle said...

What a great idea for FHE!

Ryan and Lizeth said...

Looks like a fin FHE activity. I will have to visit the Emma hole one of these days. Disneyland everyday sounds prettycool.

Kathy said...

Cute idea! I love everyone's pictures!

Jen said...

Great idea, thanks! This will go perfectly with our Thankfulness lesson tonight.