Sunday, May 4, 2008

FREE Comic Book Day

We went to FREE Comic Book Day on Saturday. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, select comic book stores across the nation on the first Saturday in May giveaway a few select FREE comic books! Well, for those of you who know us, you know that Erik is a BIG comic book fan, and Mia and Emma are too.

Anyway, last year on of the local comic book stores had this big celebration that the girls, Erik and my dad went to. (My mom and I stayed home--I had just been released from the hospital the day before from my open heart surgery) Well, the same store had another celebration that we had to go to.

They have a bounce house, face painting, demonstrations, FREE hot dogs, and people dressed up as different superheros and villains that you can get your pictures taken with. They also have a couple of the people from the show Who Wants To Be A Superhero?, Feedback and Hygena. Yes, we watched every single episode both seasons. Did you really expect anything less?

The girls and Erik think that FREE comic book day should be made a national holiday!

This year the girls wanted to dress up as superheros, too! Last Halloween Mia was Supergirl--thanks Mammy for the costume--Emma ended up wanting to go as Batgirl. So, guess what Mommy spent Friday night and early Saturday morning doing, you guessed it, making the Batgirl costume. It was definitely worth it!

Here are some pictures from our fun-filled super hero day! Erik will be posting some videos later!

Last year the bounce house got unplugged and started to collapse, and this is the guy that saved our little Emma from total destruction. His name is Kirk Kushin, and he's the creator of Super Teen*Topia. She had to get her picture taken with her own hero!

At the first comic book store we went to, yes we do go to more than one, they had two girls dressed up as Supergirl and Batgirl. So, we had to get a picture taken with our Supergirl and Batgirl.

Darth Vader and the girls!

The girls with the Stormtrooper, another bad guy!

R2D2 and the girls! R2D2 was remote controlled and even beeped and whirled like he does in the movies!

The girls with Princess Leia, from Star Wars and Ironman. Erik and I will be seeing the Ironman movie soon!

Huntress and the girls!

Wolverine, Joker, and Mia. Emma was too scared of Joker to get in the picture. I think she knows about the bad blood between Batgirl and the Joker!

We had a great time! Greg, Veronica, Chase, and Savannah met up with us there as well. Maybe next year we'll see you there!


Monty&Kristin said...

My favorite picture is of the girls with their heros that they are dressed up as. So fun! Glad you had such a fun time.