Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congratulations Greg!

Congratulations to Greg in graduating from Law School! We are so proud of him and all the work, sweat, time, and energy that he has invested in reaching his dream.

He has even given Erik the extra push to go finally go back to school and get done with it, once and for all. Thanks Greg!

Erik likes to leave all his options open for as long as possible. Something that drives me a little crazy. He has so many things that he wants to do that he never wanted to pick just one and do it. But he has finally picked--he is going to get his degree from Cal State San Bernardino in Business, Entrepreneurship. And then he's going for his MBA.

Anyway, after Greg's graduation we walked around campus and Erik pointed out different things to the girls and I. Erik had met up with Greg on campus before for lectures and to give Greg a ride home if he was in the area, so he ended up being a great tour guide!

Emma with the panther mascot!
The girls loved the panther!

Mia trying to kiss the panther!

(Let's not think about the germs, instead let's all think how cute!)

The girls while we were waiting for Greg.

The girls in front of the fountain.

The fountain had different colored lights in it that made it look different colors.

The girls with Grandma Carole and Ferd!

What a great day and evening! Thanks for graduating Greg so we could all have an excuse to get together!