Thursday, May 22, 2008

Downtown Disney

We are like any other family with young kids, we LOVE Disney! Anything Disney, movies, toys, clothes, stores, and of course Disneyland. Luckily we live in close proximity to Disneyland, though we don't get to go all the time, it's pretty expensive!

But there is a strip just outside Disneyland called Downtown Disney that we do visit more often. It has stores, restaurants, sidewalk entertainers, and the hotels. We will stop for a couple of hours whenever we are in the area and get out and walk around. The girls love it!

Well, Greg's graduation was just a couple of blocks away from Downtown Disney. So, we headed out early and went and visited Downtown Disney for a couple of hours before the graduation.

The girls by the fountain

Emma playing with legos at the lego store

Mia playing with the legos a t the lego store

The girls with the R2D2 made completely out legos

The girls at the Disney Store

Mia dressed as Minnie Mouse


Michelle said...

Yes, we are a Disney loving family I would say! Cute pics, looks like a fun time. I really love the one of Mia dressed up as Minnie. :)

Monty&Kristin said...

Cute! I love Mia dressed up as minnie! That cracked me up! I also love the pink flip flops! So cool! Glad you had fun!

Veronica Peterson said...

The girl's look like they had a lot of fun at downtown disney.