Sunday, April 17, 2011

Erik's Getting Published!

For those of you who haven't heard yet, Erik is going to be published in an anthology of short stories this fall!  Yay, Erik!!!

The name of the book is Monsters And Mormons, and should be coming out in October, just in time for Halloween.  All stories in this anthology have to have both monsters and Mormons involved somehow in the story plot.  There are a couple bigger name authors whom will have their stories in the book as well.  Namely Dan Wells and Eric James Stone. 

Erik's story entitled, Bichos, is about a returned missionary who with his new wife have returned to Brazil where he served his mission.  (Erik served his mission in Brazil and has a great love for Brazil and the people in Brazil)  While the characters are honeymooning they run into some of the monsters from Indian legends from Brazil.  That's all I'm going to say.  We'll let you know when and how to buy the book so you can read it yourself!

Mia, Emma, and I are so proud of Erik and all the hard work he has put into his writing career!  His time and effort has started to pay off. 


Monty and Kristin said...

Erik that is so awesome!! I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to read it. How exciting!

Barbara said...

Congratulations, Erik! And by the way, I have never heard of Dan Wells or Eric James Stone. But I HAVE heard of Erik Peterson. I even know his middle name and other trivia about him. Go ahead--ask me something. We will certainly buy the book, and I think I have an in for an autograph from Erik with a "K."