Thursday, March 17, 2011


Okay, I know I need to do a post about our Utah/Idaho trip as well as our trip to Disneyland with the Peterson ensemble but I just had to post this quick one about the girls' haircuts.

I decided that I had put off trimming the girls hair long enough.  I pulled out the haircutting stuff and asked Mia what she wanted, usually she chooses as little off as possible, but today she surprised me.  She said, "Maybe about shoulder length."  Looking at how long her hair was I had Emma run and get a ruler.  I showed that if we went a little shorter she could then donate her hair to locks of love, but told her it was totally her choice.  I know how much she loves long hair so I didn't think that she would go for that, but to my surprise she said, "Let's do it!"  I gave her a couple chances to change her mind but she said no. 

And then as soon as I started cutting she said maybe not, but it was really too late.  She teared up a little but has since been smiling.  She then said, "At least those who don't have hair can have some, and my hair will grow back."  She's such a sweet sweet girl.

Then it was Emma's turn and she has always liked short hair and I was the one that told her she should grow it out a little bit so I thought for sure she would jump all over donating her hair.  But again I was surprised, she decided she wanted it about shoulder length. 

I think that they both look really cute with their new haircuts!


Veronica Peterson said...

The girls are sweet and their new haircuts are cute:)

Barbara said...

Darling haircuts. What a sweet thing for Mia to do. She is a thoughtful girl.

Monty and Kristin said...

So cute! I love you hair Mia and your response about at least those who don't have hair made me want to cry it was so sweet. You're a doll. look beautiful! Great summer cuts!