Friday, October 9, 2009

We Love Mia!!!

After I did the post about Emma I was waiting for Mia's birthday to do one on her. Their birthdays are only 3 weeks apart, so you would think that I could have gotten that done. But my family came out to visit for a week, and then I got sick, and now I've been playing catch up. And I realized I never posted my list of things that i love about Mia around her birthday.

So, here it goes. The things I love about Mia, to list a few are:

1. She is so kind to everyone. She worries more about others than herself.

2. She makes friends with everyone. Everywhere we go she ends up making new friends and is always telling me about the new friends she made.

3. She LOVES books! She is a great reader.

4. She is so smart. As her home school teacher I get to see everything that she knows and learns. She is always thirsting for more knowledge. She also keeps me on my toes with how much she knows, good thing for daddy and google--so I can look smart as well!

5. She is very loyal. She will always stick up for her friends and family.

Erik loves these things about Mia:

1. Kind hearted and sensitive. Never wants to see anyone suffer in any way, no matter who they are.

2. Generous. Shares whatever she can in the pursuit of trying to make others happy.

3. Fun, in a genuinely fun way. She doesn't think anything is fun if it can't be fun for everybody, but she will figure out a way to make it fun for everybody.

4. Loves stories. Likes to read books and watch shows and movies, she really gets into the stories. She thinks a lot about them, really getting into them.

5. Loves to learn. Looks for chances to learn things and gets excited when she finds them.

Emma loves this about Mia:

1. She's always there for me.

2. She's pretty

3. "I love her so much"


Monty and Kristin said...

So sweet!! We love Mia too!! She's such a sweet heart!! Congrats on your baptism.

Greg said...

Mia has no malice at all. She's kind in EVERY way. That's what I love most about her.