Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jam-Packed Fun-Filled Day

Today was Erik's last day of vacation. It has been so fun having him home! So, we woke up this morning wondering what we were going to do with ourselves today.

If any of you know us, we are not that good at making decisions. We joke that we should start deciding what we want to eat for dinner as soon as we finish breakfast, because it will take us that long to decide!

Anyway, we decided to take the girls to the park to play. By the way today was the perfect day to be outside, not too hot and not too cold. We live in California so not too cold is never a problem, but the too hot usually is!

There is a neat little park that was just built not too far from our house that Erik took the girls to one day when I was gone at a meeting and the girls wanted me to go and see it too. So, that's where we went.

We all ran around and played like we were kids again, okay so 2 out of the 4 of us are kids but you know what I mean!

Mia on the monkey bars. She has been practicing and practicing and now

she can go all the way across on the monkey bars! Way to go, Mia!

Emma on the swings. The girls can both pump by

themselves and boy does she go high!

Mia climbing the rock wall. We all had to climb it,

even Erik and I scaled the wall!

Here's Emma on this rope pyramid climbing structure.

It was also very fun, just ask any of us!

Mia hanging upside down. The girls love to pretend they are sloths!

Emma on the slide with her "spacecat."

We play space explorers at this park.

After the park we still didn't have any idea what else to do but we knew we needed gas. So, we made a stop at the gas station. The girls love to help pump the gas!

They are ready to get their driver's license and start doing all my errands for me!

On our way to the gas station Erik's brother Andy called and told us that The Redlands Fires Station by his work was having an open house. So, we decided to stop over there and check it out.

The girls sitting on the front of the firetruck!

Firefighter Emma

Firefighter Mia

Girls with Sparky the Firefighting Dog

After we toured the fire station and did all the fun activities there we went over to Hogi Yogi, where Andy works and had lunch there! Andy was even able to take a break and talk with us while we ate.

Andy even waited on us and made our sandwiches. Excellent sandwiches, Andy, thanks again! The girls had the turkey on white, Mia had cheese on hers while Emma didn't. Erik had the Smoky Turkey with a bunch of veggies and sprouts. I had the BBQ Chicken with lots of jalapenos, Andy is the only person who has ever given me enough jalapenos! Mmmmmm!

After we finished lunch we went to DI to try and get some ideas for Halloween costumes for Erik and I. Erik's mom already got the girls their costumes. Mia is going to be a Fairy and Emma is going to be Snow White. We finally came up with and idea for me but we still have no idea for Erik! Guess we'll have to keep our thinking caps on!

We then stopped over at Erik's parents to say hi. We had a nice time talking to Mom and Dad, the girls haven't had Mammy and Grandpa all to themselves in a long time! Thank goodness we stopped because Erik's Mom reminded us that we were celebrating Veronica's birthday tomorrow. Erik was confused and told me we were doing it Monday when we had FHE, so I was planning on getting the present Monday morning.

When we left there we had to go get Veronica's present. Talk about last minute shopping, they're trying to close up and we're trying to get a present. Hopefully, she like it!

Then home we came and put two not tired girls to bed. And the two tired ones are heading off to bed now!


Jennifer Flake said...

WOW! How busy and FUN!!!! Your girls and just so very cute!

Have a fun and wonderful weekend!