Monday, December 21, 2009

Disneyland For Christmas

Once again the girls decided that what they wanted for Christmas was a day at Disneyland! So we ended up having another fun filled day at Disneyland.

The week before it threatened to rain, but luckily the day was a beautiful bright sunny day. And there was hardly any crowds, due to the fact that it was a Wednesday and it had been raining the days leading up to our trip. The longest we had to stand in line was at the Peter Pan ride and Pixie Hollow!

It was fun to take the girls and see what they were excited about this time that they never cared about before. We also had Austin with us and this was his very first time ever at Disneyland.

We also did a few things for the very first time on this trip. We rode the Matterhorn, a first for everyone but Erik, the lines are usually so long for that one that we just skip it but not this time. Emma screamed the whole time and said it was okay while Austin kept his eyes closed the whole time, but Mia and I enjoyed it!

We watched Fantasmic for the first time. I was impressed with the whole show. Disney really knows how to put on a show!

We also went and watched the Jedi Academy. Both girls got picked to be part of the academy! They had a blast!

We also watched the Christmas parade. Well Erik, Austin and the girls watched the parade while I made a run to the car to get the jackets.

One good thing is about going every year is that the girls don't feel the need to get their pictures taken with every character, which means we have more time for rides!

Mia's favorite part about Disneyland this year was "The Matterhorn, Fantasmic, and just everything pretty much!" Emma's favorite part about Disneyland this year was "The fireworks and Fantasmic!"

Austin and the girls!

Us in front of the castle, Thanks Austin for taking the picture!

The castle lit up with Christmas Lights!

Erik and the girls on the bridge on Tom Sawyers Island

Mia fighting Darth Maul!

Emma fighting Darth Maul!