Monday, March 2, 2009

February Mommy Daughter Date With Mia

So, while Erik and Emma went to the museum, read about their adventures below, Mia and I decided to get crafty!

Mia told me that she would like to make a covered photo album for Emma's baby pictures. Yes, you read that right for Emma's baby pictures. Mia has one that my mom made for us, and Emma has been asking for years if we could make one for her.

I make so many cute little craft projects that I give away for gifts that I never seem to have the time to finish a project for us. I guess it's the case of the shoemaker's children going without shoes!

Yes, I'm a slacker mom because it still was not done! I did have some scrapbook pages put together for her book being stored with all the other pages that don't have homes. So, hopefully I get some points for that.

Anyway, after we dropped Erik and Emma off at Cal State Mia and I came home to go through the tons of material I have to find the best one for Emma's baby book. We finally decided on one that was white with tiny yellow flowers on it because Emma's favorite color is yellow.

We then ran up to WalMart to get some ribbons and flowers to make it look super cute. We finished it and even got Emma's scrapbook pages put in. So, Emma now has her own baby scrapbook, thanks to Mia!

If we had to wait for me she might have had to wait until she got married!


Michelle P said...

I want to see a picture!!! Sweet idea Mia (and mom)!

Edith said...

Isn't that the way baby books go? we have best of intentions but then they grow up too fast before we even get the books done.

I did a craft give away a while ago on my blog so I won't comment on that post and let some other lucky person win. Let me know if you want an invite to my blog, I haven't updated it in forever though...

Marci said...

I would love an invite!!!

Barbara said...

These dates sound really great, and you've given me a good idea. Thanks, Marci!